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September 16, 2010


Jen Tripp

So glad that your boys got in at Bethany Bears! We're quite sad that Gabriel couldn't continue there this year due to our move to Issaquah. 5 months of commuting there from the burbs was enough for us this past spring. It is such a special school - enjoy!


Your back-to-school celebration sounds lovely! I hope your boys have a fantastic year!


such a great family tradition--i love it! so many special and intentional details; i'm glad you recorded it all here to look back on! and beautiful photos, rebekah!

we love your family, and are so happy that both boys were able to get into your top choice for preschool this year! xoxo

Melodee Miller

Rebekah-How cute! I know Caleb misses having Simon in his class. But this sounds like a great school and close to your home, which is good! It would be fun to get together sometime! I hope you're doing well!


So incredibly cute Rebekah, the way you plan these special moments for your family :) Cora didn't meet the cut off for preschool this year due to her late Nov. birthday, but I'm excited to do something similar for her next year.



Such a fun tradition you are starting and a gift to your boys for modeling the joy and excitment for learning! A beautiful family!! Love you.


This is great Rebekah! I am excited to be able to do things like this for Bubs once he's old enough to realize white cheddar mac and cheese isn't the only food available for consumption!

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