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April 29, 2009



That is so sweet of you all and very inspiring! Lots of prayers going out to Paula during this time. We love you Paula!


thank you, rebekah, for sharing so beautifully what is in each of our hearts for our dear mom-in-law. i agree and resonate with every word. i know this post was for paula, but what a deep and wonderful gift it was for me, too, to read this!

i love you, rebekah, and the rest of our gough family beyond words. each of you sweet sisters--rebekah, jenny, and now rachel--you hold a very deep and special place in my heart. i will always remember this time we have walked through together, how we have looked for ways to love and uplift our gough mom together, how we have each played important roles in encouraging and serving one another without a moment's hesitation.

i know all of our hearts burst with love for paula, and like i said yesterday, i'd give my hair to her again in a heartbeat. of course, i wish i could give more than just my hair to help during this time! i know without a doubt that the same is true for all of us.


Well, now I've gotten a good cry in today!! This is so sweet and wonderful of you all... Paual, Chad and I are constantly thinking of you and praying for you, and wish we could be with you right now. I love this family so much!!


a. I'm totally crying
b. your hair looks so cute short!!!! Everyone's does.
c. Annika is trying to fill up a dog dish from the refrigerator water dispenser, I have to run.

Paula is such an inspiration as a mom and we have been praying for her here as well.


And the waterworks are flowing over here too! What a sweet, sweet gift and what an inspiration you all are...

We are thinking about and praying for you Paula! Lots of love.

Mario & Ely

Girls, you are GREAT GREAT GREAT!

We are praying for Paula's recovery too.


That is beautiful, a true family through and through. Thank you for sharing such a touching and personal story.


What a beautiful example of God's unselfish love! It is always amazing to witness the strength and courage that comes when when women unite and give of themselves. Paula, you are surrounded in love, lifted in prayer, and cradled to our hearts. With His gentle strength He holds us all.

Elena Boldrin

What a beautiful post Rebekah. Paula is so lucky to have such wonderful daughter-in-laws. Pat sent me the link to the video of the wig maker, amazing what they can do.
My mom is also fighting cancer, I'm taking her to her second treatment today.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Elena (Jenny's aunt)


rebekah, this is really beautiful. As im writting this...im crying. You have such a beautiful and supportive family. I guess deep inside i wish my family is this tight and close. But i guess im lucky to feel such closeness and family love with my fiance's family.
You girls really did great! So inspiring and thank you so much for sharing this with us...thank you for touching our little hearts with your story. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


you girls are amazing. i, too, love the way you care for one another--in such beautiful and creative and tactile ways. paula is so blessed to have you as daughters.

and after seeing all the sassy new hair cuts in person on saturday, i think you all got something lovely out of the deal! enjoy the sunshine today!

Sarah Weeldreyer

What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing Rebecca, even if you made me cry at work.
I know doctors don't factor this in with any of their percentages and whatnot, but I have faith that the fact that Paula is surrounded by love, hope, and happy people will work wonders for her recovery. :)
Good luck, and prayers to you all!
Love, Sarah


A beautiful post indeed. I do love that about the Gough family - not just how tight you all are, but how you rally! Everyone needs a team like that. It is such a special thing you girls did for your mother in law. Not to mention that you look really cute with short hair! Thanks for sharing this story!!!


i am so thankful you shared this - she is an amazing woman and it is really beautiful that she is blessed by so many around her that love her. our thoughts and prayers are with you paula (if you see this little comment...) --stacy


It is a blessing to the rest of us to see the love & support so evident in the Gough family. You girls are all so special & extend your giving hearts to include all. My prayers are with you, Paula & Steve, Jenny & Jeff, Rebekah & Chris, Kristen & Kyle, Bryan & Rachel.


I am so sorry to hear that about Paula. She is such a wonderful person and I pray the healing and life of God's kingdom over her and all of you as you walk through this process together.


What a truly beautiful story...you ladies are all inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing this with us....AND you all look amazing with yer shorn locks!

: )


Oh my goodness. I'm totally behind in my blog reading! What incredible blessings you ladies are. You're an inspiration!

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