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May 07, 2009


jenny g

oooh, fun! I'm going to do this too, while Wesley sleeps.

i can just picture little Rebekah, I would have liked to lip sync to your voice too ;)


That was really fun to read!

Popples, Amy Grant, Cosby Show, making tapes - YUP!

Cute pictures too! Both of them : )

Hmm...I might have to dig up some old photos also and try this....


So fun . . . that's the Becky I remember!


Oh, and I was always jealous of your beautiful hair!


I would hide food under the couch, not realizing it would be found by mom at some point, so I didn't have to eat it...super picky, still am a bit.

I did burn my own forehead with that 80's curling iron I couldn't live without, too.


RAD. That was really fun. You were and are SO ridiculously cute. I LOVE your curls!


This is great - I too will have to do this in some spare time.

BTW - I totally had a black debbie gibson hat...those were the days. I thought I was so cool...and boy did I look SO silly!


love it. AND you wore a sunsuit. i had a matching one, and matching curls .. and a matching name.


This is such a fun exercise~ :) Loved hearing about you when you were little Rebekah....and your hair is gorgeous! Cora is well on her way to having the same.

Oh, and I seriously had 3 Popples, and still do! They're in a box somewhere....

I'll have to join in on the fun in a few days after I gather some old photos...


Super cute post....just wanted to let you know I gave you a little BYW love on my blog! I think you're doing an awesome job. Have a great weekend!


That doesn't even look like you! Wow...I'd love to see your curls now...just sayin'!


Awesome! I followed your lead and did a post too :0)

I ALWAYS wanted a Popple...so jealous...

Rachel Womelsduff

This was fun to read, Rebekah. I did my own, and it was good to remember those funny, unique things from childhood.


Amy Grant was my first concert...I was twelve!


I found your site from 10 on 10 and now pop in now and again. Found this post from "you might also like:". Love it and am thinking I may do my own. Great idea!

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